BOP Lifting Winches

Winches built for the task. MNUP winch units are designed for the heaviest of loads and safe operation. Our winches come in two varieties: 50,000 and 100,000 lbs capacity.

BOP Lifting Winches for Every Job

Our 50,000 lbs capacity lifting winch is great for that little Schaffer we need to snub in or perform a spool job. Need a 100,000 lbs capacity, 13-5/8 double with an annular? No problem. With the independent remote operation, keeping the BOP level during pickup makes the job safe.

BOP Stack Lift Winch

Monahans Nipple Up Service provides high-quality, robust BOP stack lifting winch that meet your requirements for a safe rig. The BOP stack lifts feature 100,000 lb. hydraulic planetary gear winches with multi-disc wet brake systems. This makes the lift one of the safest systems currently being used in the industry.

Our services include procedures that guarantee timely deliveries and rig set up at the worksite. From step one, they will work with you along the way to make sure you have a complete function of the equipment.

If you are in need of BOP stack lifts (winches) in West Texas, Monahans Nipple Up Service has the inventory to provide you with competitive options.