BOP Installation Services

The oil and gas industry involves some of the most critical and meticulous procedures. When it comes to BOP installation, accuracy and efficiency are two of the most important goals to ensure the safety of those involved. Without delivering precise results, the workload can be vulnerable to high costs, loss, and worksite disasters.

Whether it's a Blow Out Preventer or a flanged union of any kind, we are available for the job. Our top-of-the-line equipment and proprietary tooling work faster and save our customers money. Nipple-UP Crews come with a crew leader and 3 additional team members. Members are H2S and SafeLand trained and have all necessary training required by oil companies operating in the region.

Professional BOP Installation Services in Midland, Odessa and Surrounding Areas

Over the years, we have been able to create a stellar reputation among our clients. Our aim with our rentals, installations, and operational services is to deliver service without compromising on the quality of our customer service, dependable equipment, and support functions.

The Right Equipment and Personnel

Considering that BOP's are critical for ensuring the safety of the site and technicians around there's no room for error during the installation process. Monahans Nipple Up has trained and certified technicians with the right tools at their disposal to perform BOP installations.

Ensuring Quality of Services

Our connections with some of the leading equipment manufacturers in the industry, we have access to many types of BOPs. Both annular and ram-type models are available to assist in production, drilling and fracking operations.

We complement your systems with professional BOP installations that elevate their efficiency and the quality of results you produce. You can rely on our technicians to carry out the installations with perfection. They will transport the BOPs to the field and perform the installation, paying attention to details and then testing to ensure everything is working well.

Experience You Can Trust

Our BOP installation services are delivered at cost-effective rates with unparalleled services. In addition to this, our technicians also carry out timely equipment maintenance to sustain the BOP's performance over time.

You can trust us to exceed expectations and deliver the services that you deserve. From the consultation to the BOP installation, uninstallation, and maintenance, Monahans Nipple Up will deliver effective results.