Pole and Roll-Off Trucks

What defines Monahans Nipple Up Service are the people. Each member is a dedicated worker, contributing their expertise and experience in the industry. Our pole and roll-off truck operators come equipped with the skills needed to safely and efficiently move your equipment on location.

Request a Pole and/or Roll-Off Truck with a Nipple-Up Crew

Need to move a BOP or any heavy equipment around the location or need to snub in a stack? With 30 years of pole and roll-off truck operation, Monahans Nipple-Up Service will safely move your equipment and get the job done.

Helping You Set Up a Safe Work Environment

Oilfields in Midland and Odessa, Texas – or anywhere else in the world – are pretty tough worksites. The nature of work and the operations involved in oil drilling are vulnerable to potential risks. Any procedure going amiss can result in a disastrous situation for the people around them.

Having the right heavy-duty equipment is necessary. From the pulleys and light towers to the drills and trucks maneuvering around the site, everything needs to be working with efficiency and in a fluid motion.

Monahans Nipple-Up Service include pole and roll-off truck operations in the Permian Basin and surrounding areas.

Experience You Can Trust

Our trucks are featured with hydraulic winches, lift rolls, gin poles, skirt kicker bars, and other components that can handle heavy loads.

With us, you’ll have an experience that you can trust. Our technicians and drivers will be vigilantly performing their duties on-site, working with your team for rig staging. Our trucks can safely relocate virtually all equipment on-site.

We also have the technical ability for loading, transporting, offloading, and staging rig equipment in congested locations with limited access. The complete package comes with a trained operator and an industrious truck beds rigged with winches and gin poles. If you have requirements for pole and/or roll-off truck operations in the Permian Basin or surrounding areas, we can help.